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Artist's and their Art information can be
found at the
Art On Call Awards on
Art On Call juried & non-juried
All works will be placed under categories closest to its visual appearance and based on the
information that the AOC Artist on Facebook has provided.

The first segment of the event is a non-juried event.  Winners are determined by the highest
amount of votes cast on his or her works by Facebook members, AOC and friends.

Voting polls will be opened for a specified amount of time and voters will be able to vote one time
daily.  Art On Call Facebook members and their friends can vote for their Popular Choice art or
artist.  This poll is open to the public and votes cast by non-members will also be counted and may
or may not be able to preview artist information due to non membership and with the option to join.
This concludes the Non juried Popular Choice Art Awards.

Immediately following the first segment for this event the top 10% will then be moved into the
second segment for  review by art services, the Broadway Artist Group (BAG).  Their selections
from the top 10% will be made to conclude and declare the winner for the Juried AOC Awards.

All Works have been placed in random order and will be numbered and placed in one of four (or
more) categories.  You can find out about the artist by visiting Art On Call on Facebook.  

In order to view artist's information you must be a member of Facebook.  Artist information will be
posted both here on AOC and on Facebook after the winner(s) have been determined via
newsletter and or email after October 16, 2009.

All artworks are the sole property of it's respective owner/creator.  AOC will make no claims of
ownership or entitlements to its' presence on AOC or Facebook.  What AOC does provide are the
winning names of the artist (s) and their artworks to be posted and published per entry via "Add
Photo" as agreed upon when entering the contest and as stated on AOC Awards on Facebook.   
Participating in this event gives Art On Call permission to print and use their images from this
event. Book will be available after winner is announced and when publishing has been completed.
Notices via group/email.

Contestants will be notified via email of those selected as winner(s) and their images published in
the AOC Awards 2010 Book of photos "Artists Gone Global.".  This book will be made available and
can be purchased for the amount that it will take to publish it.  No monies will be made from this
event nor collected from AOC prior to the announcement of winners of this event.

If there are any question regarding the Art On Call Awards or concerns  you mail email us at:
AOC AWARDS Juried Art Services


skill measurably so

emotional  importance
has to move ones' feelings

intention is needed for attention

beauty that is perceived

unique becomes the difference

talent it is a must
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