AOC NEWSLETTER        October 23, 2009

Dear Winning Members of Art On Call,

You were selected by the Broadway Artists Group (BAG) as the Winners of the Art On Call (AOC) Awards-Juried portion of
the contest.  We are acknowledging you all on this post.

Each one of you were selected and declared on Oct. 21, 2009 as juried winners from among the recent Top 10% AOC Popular
Polls which ended October 17, 2009.
Congratulations for the great works that you have contributed to this event.  
Juried winners are listed as follows:

Fine Art, Roman Schmucker for his painting #93, "Pod fryštátským zámkem" (please provide a translation in English for us :)
Photography, Amy Beth Cohen Banker for her photo #121 "Lakeside Sunset" as described by BAG (please provide the
Graphite, Sara Lerota for her fine pencil work #15 "Jack Sparrow"
3D Craft, Rua Pick for his oil & 3d paint work on wood #58 Te Ara A Tamatea "The dreamer is never here nor there"
Graphics, Booker T Williams for his graphic illustration work #17 "Two Kewl Katz"

Please prepare a one and a half page bio and a nice picture or ID of yourself.  Your bio should also have a statement of your life
as an artist.  We can use your profile picture on Facebook "or action shot" if it represents you as a person/artist.  We ask that
you send us your bio in english and that you have it spell checked.  Please proof read your bios before you send it to us.

You will be awarded Art On Call's 1st Annual Awards 2010 Book, "Artists Gone Global" for your contribution of juried
artworks.  All of your entries will also be featured together with your chapter. You were selected by the Broadway Artist
Group Art Services.

The following members of the Broadway Artist Group (aka BAG) are:
Joseph Rodriguez, Assistant Director; Jasmine Malouf, The Museum Experience; Donald Redish, Technological Horizons NY;
Anne Maa, Ann Maa Designs and Benny Rinay, Administrator and Web Designs
Previously announced on Facebook-
This book is a compilation of winners who received the most votes from AOC Popular Choice Poll Awards (non juried).  They
have won by receiving the most votes from Facebook and friends.  Please prepare a 100 word bio.  They are listed as follows:

Fine Art; Ayesha Samdani, for her abstract painting  #3 "Waterfall"
Photography, Christian Adrian for his photo #24 Facebook Album: Hong Kong
Graphite; Sera Lerota, for her pencil work #15 "Jack Sparrow"
Graphics and 3D Craft Dede Briscoe, for her works graphics work #1 "*Jazzy" and her clay 3D/Craft "Sculpture Purple Man"
    *Jazzy was misplaced in Fine Arts listed as #1 and a correction was made by AOC.

If you haven't already, please reply with your email addresses and physical mailing addresses so that we may mail to you, your
prize copy of the Book when it is finished.  Thereafter, these books will be offered at a reasonable rate for a certain amount of
time.  Proceeds will be set aside for the next competition.  We have to start somewhere and it is with your participation and
efforts which enables us to move forward.

Thank you from our HeART on Call once again and hope to see more of your works with AOC's future events.

The folks at Art On Call
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