Beau Rivage Hotel Casino Project

Who's on first?
Steve Winn,
Yates Brothers,
Wilson Design, Paintin' Place
Nini de l a Vega Studios.
Secondly, we were going to be
greeted by a hurricane down in the
south, Biloxi, Mississippi on the gulf.

(Beau Rivage aka.,
The Baby Bilagio)
Clean up at the end of the day

There were at least 40
Artists on this job.
We occupied most of the
rooms on 2 floors of the
Beach Motel and to get
to  Beau  Rivage we
walked1/3 mile or so.

Here is a house in Ocean
Springs,MI that was
leased for some of us due
to the storm coming in,
the Beach Motel
evacuated everyone, left
us out in the rain
That's Bob,
telling us about
safety and hard
The Atrium phase
Photo left
One of the many
corridors leading to
adjoining rooms
FYI-Level 2 Ballroom
area before all the
room partitions were
installed was about
the size of a football
We spent almost 5
months in
Photos left-
The parking lot
structure of the
Casino was
as well as the piers
Work In Progress
Fabric on the wall
in the panels
Photo above- The Beau Rivage at night

Photos left- Progress, some of the rooms on the 2nd level all
dressed up

   Gulf side  Photo Courtesy MGM Mirage
Photo Courtesy MGM Mirage
Photo Courtesy MGM Mirage
Beau Rivage Resort Hotel Casino
We  finished miles and miles of wood paneling.  Glazing forever.  The ceilings were as high as a scissor lift can go.  One person
operated the lift while the other artists held  a row of 6 brushes MacGivered together on a large stir stick.   Brushes were loaded with
umber glaze and the bristles were steadily held onto the surface as the lift descended.  That was the only way I figured you can get
vertical straight lines (wood striations) in those lengths without the stop and go marks.  I was told we looked  like the cirq du soleil.
The Ballroom
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