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            DETAILS:       The 10' Dome AFTER..................... and BEFORE
Steps before in reverse
Hiding the Rope lighting behind a custom
1"h wall
Aluminum Ornametal metal work  for
Welding previously installed brackets to metal
work by SchuVega Ironworks
Arranging architectural components for
template to be taped to center of dome
Components layed out on paper sprayed with gold
takes care of painting while creating the template
Close-up of components
The 22' scaffold is set up with the chandelier lowered to sit
below the planks.  The sky and some clouds are hand
painted in.  The outer ring crown moulding is gilded before
installation of components and metal work
Sample of colors to be used in
the dome
Schematic drawing with specs for SchuVega Ironworks
Design by:  Nini de la Vega
Dome: San Marino, CA
layout drawing plans for
Ornamental work
Photograph of actual dome area of
computer graphic mechanically drawn over
to offer an example of what can happen in
the foyer.
A couple of other Options for the dome
Stepping back to take a
look, just in case we
missed something before
scaffold breakdown
A couple of the onlays selected as components to
be installed encircling the top center of the dome
from our friends at Pearlworks
Review the details:
DOME in the FOYER Ceiling
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