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    1) FORMS OF PAYMENTS: Make your payment to PayPal,
    Approved Bank or Cashiers' Check, Pre-Approved Personal checks or
    Personal Checks and allow at least 7 days to clear.  
    In order to proceed we must receive your payment to cover operating costs,
    and materials.  Please use the Easy Order Form  to the
    left so that your information is available to us and for all forms of payment.

    2) PRICING
    $72.00 base price per 1 edited I Am One Face Photo via deposit to PayPal,
    Approved Bank or Cashiers' Check, Personal Checks and current and valid
    drivers license indicated on check upon receipt and allow up to 7 days for
    approval. One Finished Face delivered in current color mode and shipped
    via email.
    Turn off any blocking filters so that you can receive electronic files,  jpeg file.  
    Photo's electronically delivered in 7 workdays or less.
    Print your own.  See your Printer’s properties for effects regarding sepia
    Package A - $72.00            see Colors/Shapes under SELECTIONS

    3) RUSH ORDER ADD $15
    Rush orders please add $15.00 for email delivery or postal delivery
    Package B - $87.00

    4) MAIL PHOTO ADD $15
    Prefer Photo in the mail? Image finished sizes will vary based on images
    you have forwarded.  Approximate size will be anywhere from a 5” x 7”
    Portrait and slightly under. Printed on Photo Paper Add $15.00
    Package C - $87.00 (also includes email delivery)

    $72.00 base price per 1 edited I Am One Face Photo, $15 Rush Order,
    $15 Printwork and Mail Photo, Email Photo included
    Package D - $102.00 US

    6) SUGGESTIONS for submitting camera head shots or photos:
    Choose subjects that face forward.  Both subjects should at least share
    similar expressions, such as smile with teeth, smile closed mouth, or both
    subjects with no smiles. Some pictures are a little more work than others
    so let's keep it simple.

    7) PRINTWORK  for promotional purposes?
    The following mediums are available.  Call 1-866-5ARTISTS
    Canvas, Banner or Magnet?
    T-shirts, coffee mugs, vinyl print, card stock, photo paper, fans and
    umbrellas, etc.  Call for inquiry and pricing or email us at:

    8) NOTICE
    a)   Results vary with every photo, every piece is different and unique.
    Please note that these are not glamour shots but a work of art and for the
    purpose of entertainment,  we are not implying or denying one face to the
    beholder of his remarks, compliments or opinions and are not responsible
    for any reactions such as laughter or harm created due to the "likeness or
    not" resulting from the outcome of your finished product whether it is for
    your own personal possession or gift to another.

    b)   Also note that the human "being" Artist editing your photos has complete
    autonomy, (an autonomous "being" is one that has the power of self-direction,
    possessing the ability to act as it decides, independent of the will of others
    and of other internal or external factors.)
    And what he or she considers “finished” is sold “as is where is”.
    Any further editing will incur additional charges.

    c)   We do not give refunds due to the CUSTOMIZATION of the art.  A 20%
    credit excluding CA tax, for paper goods will be returned if totally dissatisfied
    within 5 days of delivery and only if using Paypal.  No other exceptions.  No
    refunds will be considered for Emailed deliveries for obvious reasons.
    We have the right to refuse works prior to any fulfillments or obligations due
    to materials forwarded to us or payments not received in advance.

    d)   Any photos sent to us via post office delivery will not be returned without
    self-addressed stamped envelope to include sufficient postage and or
    insurance.  We are not responsible for images/photos lost in transit to us.
    Number each photo/image with contact information on back side bottom.
    Email images "save as" - use number of photo, your initials followed by phone
    Example Jane Smith has 2 photo/images her phone# is 866-999-1234
    Example of Jane Smith's photo #1 : 1JS8669991234
    Example of Jane Smith's photo #2 : 2JS8669991234

    e)  You may not sell or redistribute your finished product for monetary
    purposes without our agreement and consent.

    f)  Copying our structure, format and or material in any form is prohibited by
    law and punishable under US and International Courts of Law.  

    g)  The use of photos that are clearly stated as “Public domain” are
    Please support your findings via link or written statement.
    Requests for political or government officials, actors guild members, copy
    written materials or participants of unsavory behavior or character will not be
    allowed due to certain laws, restrictions, morals and standards.  

    Email 2 camera head shot photos, or one photo with both subjects and making sure that both
    subjects are images facing forward, with good resolution and at least 300 dpi.,
    black/white or color, saved as jpeg or png file format.  You can mail your photos to us if you wish.
    One edited I Am One Face Graphic Photo.   Colors and styles are:  Sepia Brown and Postered  
    (random effects) and choice of Rectangle (Portrait) or Oval Shaped photo. Custom colors also
    available with additional editing charges, call us.  
    HOW and WHERE
    Send your file/photo via Email:  I Am One Face at Art On Call.com     Turn off any blocking
    filters so that you can deliver your jpeg file.  
    For All Occasions, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Mother's day, Father's Day, Wedding
    Announcements, Bridal Shower, New Baby with Mother or Father, Sister, Brother, etc.,
    The choices go on and on.  Imagine the conversations you'll be having.
    This is fun; it can be interesting it could even be beautiful and yet frightening.
    Who is your better half?  How about your best friend, your idol, your aunt, your uncle, your
    grandfather, your grandmother, your niece, your nephew, your cousin, your pen pal, your
    neighbor, your teacher, your baby's face with your face, your old face with your young
    face, we’ll even try your pet.  Do you get it?
Please read below and confirm on the Easy Order Form that you have read and understand the following information/order
Example Above of
Sepia Tone, Oval shape
Subject 1 left half side Mother's
photo from the late 50's
Subject 2 right half side
Daughter's photo from the 70's
Example Above of
Postered (Random effect),
Rectangle shape
Subject 1 left half side Male
photo 2007
Subject 2 right half side
Female photo  same photo
What is public domain?
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rendering purposes by the Artist.
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Thank You I am 1 Face
Pkg B-1 Sepia
Rectangle Email
Pkg B-4 Postered
Pkg B-3
Postered Oval
Email  RUSH !
Pkg B-2 Sepia
Oval Email
Pkg C-1 Sepia
Oval, Postal &
EMail delivery
Pkg D-1 Sepia
Pkg C-3 Postered
& EMail delivery
Pkg C-2 Sepia
Rectangle Postal
& EMail delivery
Pkg D-4
Pkg D-3
Oval, Complete
Pkg D-2 Sepia
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Pkg A-3 Postered
Rectangle Email
Pkg A-2 Sepia
Oval Email
Pkg A-1 Sepia
Rectangle Email
Pkg A-4 Postered
Oval Email
Pkg C-4 Postered
Oval ,Postal
& EMail delivery
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