ATTENTION:  Dr. and Mrs.                                    FROM: Nini de la Vega
MESSAGE:These are the pictures that I was trying to send you

Page 2 are Standard terms; pg 3 and 4 are reference graphic drawings and or photos of
proposed areas.  Thank you for your interest in us. You will be cared for with the highest level
of custom artworks with great service and reliability.   Sincerely,  Nini
1 a Dome 11/12/07
Gold moulding, metal, sky, components
1b- railing 1c-Chandelier
Gold highlights leaves and flowers
2a-Fireplace mantle and firebox

2b- Hearth (raised flat base floor)
3 a glaze/antique Powder rm
3b – style moulding to be determined-
therefore quote is estimated as
average cost+/-
Powder rm ceiling moulding perimeter
Dining room
4 b -Bamboo Corner Position
4 c -Plum blossom example
4 d - showing ceiling center #1 and/
or  OPTION 4 e - ceiling center  #2
5 Library wainscot similar to bookshelf
I have sent these to you and I believe
you wanted Center No 1 surrounding
the Chandelier chain area in the
Dining rooms
This is page 3-
Pictures with Reference/description below each; referencing Proposal on Page 1
Page 4 - Ceililng in the Dining room
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