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   The good ol days with Joe Collins at
Mack Sennet , the first of silent movie
stages.   This historical stage could
hang  60'wide by 30' tall large canvas.  
The canvas would get electronically
lowered  down, using a control button
located on the side of the stage.  
Eventually any part of the mural
would be suspended below in the
basement.   This made it easier so you  
didn't have to do too much climbing..
   More than often after its use from a
photo shoot or film; these murals
would get used again and were
painted over and over.  
   Air brushing  softens clouds and
hand painting for the body of the
cloud.  This is where I began my career
in large scale painting!
This sky mural was 25'H  x  50' W.
ABOVE  The Star Wars type mural was used also as Sci Fi props  

LEFT: Sky murals were  used as rental to the film and music industry.
Scenic Murals Painted on a Stage