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A Big Artist
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Restore, renovate
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custom finish
almost everything
de la Vega
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cannot be explained
all the time nor does it fit in a nutshell!
It can be natural,
it can be taught,
and for these talents,
it can be sought,
be got and
bought! bought! bought!~

-Nini de la Vega   Founder-ArtOnCall
Custom Search
Lobby, Fountain Restoration
Contributing Color Proposal/Consultation
Restorations, Special Finishes
Special Finishes, Wall Murals
Glass Mural, Wall Design, Special Finish Metallic
Special Paint Finish, Entire Restaurant
Lobby/Corridor, Feng Shui Special Finishes
Paint & Plaster, Exterior & Maintenance Special Finishes
Concession Area Special Finish Blue with Gold Metallic
Interior Design Consulting & Special Finishes Metallic
Design and Consultation, Special Finishes
Design and Consultation, Special Finishes
Master Carving Special Finish Ornamental & Frieze Panels
Ceiling Plaster Medallions, Murals, Columns, Statues
Renovate, Lobby and 4 Floor Corridors, Special Finishes
Master Carvings for Reproduction of Precast
Master Carvi

Hard Cyc  Painter/Video Production
Promotionals, Logo Design for Crew/ Commercial Fishing
Interior Design, Architectural Paint, Fine Art
portfolio using different mediums, contacts, facebook, art on call
members, specializing in architectural painting, faux, faux
finishing, fine art, sculpture, trompe l'oeil, wall murals, sky mural,
murals, sculpture, design, watercolor, graphite, 3d, graphics,
staining, oil paints, acrylic paints, canvas, stretched canvas,
contract painting, licensed contractor, ceramics, wood, wood
working, wall painting, walls, domes, niches, furniture, window
paint, glass paint, tile, cement stain, cement work, stair railing,
wrought iron, wrought iron design, iron design, designs, antique,
themes, themed design, themed contests, juried art, art jury, art
bungalow, architecture, moroccan, mediterranean,custom color
plaster, italian stuccos, gilding, guilding, gold leafing, faux bois,
woodgraining, fresco finishes, metallics, metalics, silver leaf, gold
leaf, raised stencil, custome designed stencils, glass, iron works,
victorian, craftsman, las vegas, hotel, resorts, restaurant, sea
sponges, brushes, paint brushes, dick blick, rags, ragging, paper,
parchment, painters tape, tape off, scissors, tools, carving tools,
exacto knives, rulers, t square, schematics, blue prints, hard hats,
ladders, scissor lifts, scaffolding, hands, goves, latex gloves, other
artists, artists gone global, varathane, water base,oil base, acrylic
base, glaze, artisan, custom finishes, art on call, nini dela vega
studios, studios, studio, lighting, portrait, landscape, work light,
photography, video, actors, actresses, graffiti, customer service,
customer, samples, art samples, paint samples, work samples,
sanding, refurnish, refurbish, restore, restoration, renovating,
decorating, projects, proposal, proposals, job walk, bids, unique,
illustrations, graphic illustrations, computer graphics, illustrator,
photoshop, talented artists, artisan, spray can, color, color vision,
visionary, writer, singer, songwriter, writer, recorder, studio
musician, facebooks, facebook friend, composites, architect,
architectural, buildings, code inspection, fine art sold, portfolio, ,
cartoon, comics, books, art books, bass, bass amp, guitar, electric
guitar, classical guitar, piano, electric piano, namm show, drums,
drum kit, microphone
guitar, classical guitar, piano, electric piano, namm show, drums,
drum kit, microphone

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