Our customer requested a sample of the artwork to
be painted on a glass door.  Example of a template
with 2 different etched glass background patterns,
created in Adobe Illustrator.  
Computer graphic is printed on letter size paper
and then pieced together with tape.
Printed copy lays taped on the back side of  the
The peacock on a glass door project
Door is placed over a level area with the peacock taped underside
and ready to trace outlines with black lead paint.   We covered the
rest of the door with thick brown paper to protect against paint
spills, etc.
Liquid lead and glass paints are applied in a horizontal position.  
Why?  because the paint being applied sits within the black outlines
like a "pool".  
So far we've painted the main subject and next will use an etch or
frost like medium...
Above  the door has been frosted and more art on the corners.  The
eye of the feather was requested by customer.  It is now in upright
position and installed.
See the notes
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