References for artwork, graphics, architectural design and Interior design
Nini de la Vega
Commercial References  thru-2017
Nini de la Vega
Architectural, Designer, Artist
Architectural, Designer, Artist
Interior Design,  Reception Counter Build/Design
Statue Restorations, Gold Leafing, Wall Paper
Contributing Sky Theme Mural and Color Proposal
Quarried White Marble Altar fr Spain, Repair,  Seams, Filled Finished
Lobby, Fountain Restoration
Contributing Color Proposal/Consultation
Restorations, Special Finishes
Special Finishes, Wall Murals
Glass Mural, Wall Design, Special Finish Metallic
Special Paint Finish, Entire Restaurant
Lobby/Corridor, Feng Shui Special Finishes
Paint & Plaster, Exterior & Maintenance Special Finishes
Concession Area Special Finish Blue with Gold Metallic
Interior Design Consulting & Special Finishes Metallic
Design and Consultation, Special Finishes
Design and Consultation, Special Finishes
Master Carving Special Finish Ornamental & Frieze Panels
Ceiling Plaster Medallions, Murals, Columns, Statues /Upkeep
Renovate, Lobby and 4 Floor Corridors, Special Finishes
Master Carvings for Reproduction of Precast
Master Carvings for Reproduction of Precast
Trompe L’oeil, Misson/Landscape Wall Mural 9W’ x 8H’
Renovate, Faux Wood Finish Restaurant, Special Finishes
Renovate Metal Rib Canopy Exterior, Special Finishes
Renovate Lobby and Corridors, Special Finishes
Trompe L’oeil Ocean and Mural of Mission
Prefunction to Concert Hall, Retail Corridors, Special Finishes
Grand Ball Room, Casino, Prefunction, Special Finishes
Renovate, Lobby, Corridor, Deli, Restaurant, Special Finishes
Faux Aged Moss Stone, FGRG Rock creation, Special Finishes
Metallic with Blue Faux, Special Finishes
Lobby, Corridor, Restaurant, Special Finishes
Marble Columns, Fireplaces, Special Finishes
Marble Columns, Fireplaces, Special Finishes
4 Model Homes Special Finish Faux Moulding & Wall Relief
Faux Crown Moulding, Sculpture Wall Relief, Special Finishes
Faux Paint Interior and Exterior Wrought Iron
L.A. City Scape, Frieze Panel Back-lit Plaster Art 14’x 4’
Sculpture 12’ Great White Shark, Ocean Murals Throughout
Sculpture: 2–7’ Dolphins, 6’-6” Kangaroo, 10’ Shark
Orion Wall Relief 8’, Galaxy Murals Walls and Ceiling Lobby/Renovation
Paint Crew, Wall Mural Lobby
3-D Train Set Carvings, Installed 30’ L
Sculptures: Casino Wall 15’ Chinese Dragon
Sculpture: 6’ Crocodile
Sculptures: 7’ Bullman Waiter and 7’ Sheriff Dogman Sitting
All Walls, All Floors Special Finishes, Concrete Stamping
Mural Steamship with Figures, Interior Casino
Ornamental/Light Design Theme Parks, Municipal & Airports
3-D 1 Pair 3’ Ice Cream w/Cone Carving, Exterior Signage
3-D 5–pc Music Instruments Carving 4’ H, Interior Art
3-D Carving Mayan Ruin Artifact 10’W x 7’H x 1’-5”D
Paint Crew Exterior Entrance Gold Lion
3-D Fruit Mix, Assisted/Surfing Smoothie Character Carving
3-D 50’s Cars and Airplane Carving
3-D 50’s Pink Cadillac Found Object Art
Environmental Wall Mural Logo & Concept
Logo Design, Wall Logo Mural
Fifty’s Mural Concept, Star Ceiling Light Design & Build
Prop Set Design, Video Production
Wall and Sky Mural, Stage Backdrops
Hard Cyc  Painter/Video Production
Promotionals, Logo Design for Crew/ Commercial Fishing Boats
Interior Design, Architectural Paint, Fine Art
Irvine, CA
Santa Ana & Hawthorne, CA
Walnut, CA
Newport Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Anaheim Hills, CA
Diamond Bar, CA
Santa Anita, CA
Santa Anita, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
West Los Angeles, CA
West Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood, CA
West Los Angeles, CA
West Los Angeles, CA
Atlantic City, NJ
Hollywood, CA
West Hollywood, CA
Anaheim, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Fallbrook, CA
Sedona, AZ
Beverly Hills, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
San Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Biloxi, MS
Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Henderson, NV
Torrance, CA
Anaheim Hills, CA
San Dimas, CA
Rialto, CA
Sun City, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Hollywood, CA
San Bernardino, CA
Fullerton, CA
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Long Beach, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Santa Ana, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Manila, Philippines
Las Vegas, NV
Irvine, CA
Southern CA
Woodland Hills, CA
Whittier, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Eagle Rock, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Frankfurt, KY
Dr Sean Breen
Splash Shoes Headquarter; East Lion Corp
Our Lady Queen Of Angels Catholic Church
Fine Arts Building
Roosevelt Bldg 7th St-Lobby, MilBank RE/Urban Builders
99 Ranch Market, Walong Marketing Inc
Custom Homes, JCC Builders
Rose City Diner, Westfiield Mall
Market City Caffe, Westfield Mall
L’Ermitage, Raffles Hotel
The Grove At Farmer’s Market, Caruso Development
Bruin Theatre, Mann Theatres/Warner Bros
Manns 6-Plex Theatre, VIP Lounge
Morels French Bistro, The Grove @ Farmer’s Market
Madam Wu  Asian Bistro, Grove @ Farmer’s Market
Caesars Hotel Casino, Baccarat & High Limits Area
Graumans Chinese Theatre Restoration Int/Ext, Manns/Warner
The Grafton on Sunset, Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Design
DEC Architectural Composites
Pala Mesa Golf Resort,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
Poco Diablo Golf Resort,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
Le Park Hotel,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
Le Montross Hotel,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
The Hampton Inn,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino, Yates-Silverman
Beau Rivage Hotel Casino, Yates Silverman
Clarion Hotel Universal,Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
El Portal, Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino Retail, Yates-Silverman
Suntan Salon Spa, Paint'n Place
Ramada Limited Hotel Renovation, Ramada Owner
Vista Del Sol Model Homes, INTEX/JCC Homes
Bel Vintage Model Homes Phase I, Phase II, INTEX
Etco Model Homes, INTEX
Mountain Meadow Model Homes, INTEX
Doheny Condo Restoration and Renovation, INTEX
Metropolitan Hotel on Sunset, INTEX
Australian Beach Club
Australian Beach Club
Reno Casino Hotel on 6th, Outrigger Lodging/T Peck Designs
Luxor Hotel Casino
New York New York (Children’s Retail)
Stratosphere Hotel Casino
Stratosphere Hotel Casino Restaurant
Stratosphere Hotel Casino
Cirevello’s Trattoria Restaurant
Show Boat Hotel Casino, Restoration
Dekra-Lite Inc.
Boardwalk Hotel
Boardwalk Hotel
Sheraton Hotel
MGM Grand Hotel Casino
Surf City Squeeze, Irvine Spectrum
Ruby’s Diner Chain
Nifty Fifty Diner
Rio Hondo College
Signet Sound Studios, (Old Mowtown Records)
Anderson Dairy Farms, JC Studios
Century Cable Television
Triangle (Mack Sennet) Stage, JC Studios
Raleigh Studios, JC Studios
Heinze Corporation, Starkist
Residential References upon request