A coffer ceiling is a sunken panel structure and can be in a square, rectangular or octagonal shape. This type of ceiling is a means of decoration
that gives shape or definition to a room. These types of ceilings are normally found in larger, older or very expensive home or offices. The Roman
Pantheon is an example of a coffered ceiling that is round or a rotunda dome shape that is quite impressive even by modern standards.
Above: The lobby at the Roosevelt on 7th, past or present ?
Photos- Top left: Looking up at
the coffered ceiling, this
was approx. one tenth
section of the lobby's area
we painted.
Left: Inside a drop down
component with faux
stone finish
Top Right: Large bracket
samples painted gold and
other in silver with carved
figures. Small 9" corbels
also with gothic like faces.  
There were several
different faces throughout
with expressions
Right: Another painted
sample in tri-bronze
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