Imagine watching the same channel
and taking prescribed pills, faithfully
everyday for 7 years.
The Production costs for this
presentation has a pharmaceutical
dollar amount of $7K-10K depending
of course on your PPVPP (Pay per
view Prescription plan), if you have any
at all.
Executive Producer for these pills were
provided by the V.A. Hospital/Clinic for
our dedicated and lead Star Veteran,
who has since permanently left us for a
starring role in a place higher than
here due to circumstantially induced
side effects.
The props consist of medications for  
high blood pressure, side effect pills
for nausea, the immune cocktail, an
array of psyche meds, sleeping pills,
last and least counter productive are
niacin and folic acid, when they should
have entered by order of appearance
where the last, in this case,
should have come first.  
Long last we, dumped this scene at the
pool of stool and even then developed
technical difficulties as these props
would only drop plop and did not want
to leave these last few scenes and
melded itself to the poor celaine queen
of disposal.
Ironically, the song you hear is titled,
"Who Wants To Live Forever"
So people take care of yourselves,
don't be a pill, eat more fruits, think
good and healthy thoughts."  
"Love one another right now."