Definition of Wainscot:
    panel forming the lower
    part of an interior
    wall when it is
    finished differently from
    the rest of the wall wooden
    panels that can be used to line
    the walls of a room -

    . . . and finished differently
    are the insets from the
    surrounding wood paneling.

    The insets (field area inside)
    are faux marbled in a mix of
    crema marfil with some
    variations of the outside
    frame the darker color which
    is a "light empredor."
    They now have two toned
    paneling, which better
    emphasizes detail.

    To the left- Sharron runs
    a wet brush along the bottom
    to soften and blend the

    At the bottom Matt
    and his step by step
    movements of getting every
    drop of sealer onto the
    staining pad without spilling
    it on the floor.  
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