to publish minors under the age of 18 and  their works of art or
art related submissions on the ArtOnCall Artists website.
Please read, review and complete the information below.

PRIVACY STATEMENT  ArtOnCall  does not collect personal information (e.g, name, address or
telephone number) unless you voluntarily provide it to us by sending postal or electronic mail,
participating in a survey/correspondence or completing an online form.  We do not share any
personal information with any third parties.  It is our goal to respect the "on-line" privacy of
visitors and members to any Art On Call or I Am One Face  website.  We are hosted by Yahoo
which uses tracking technology to gather information about the number of visitors to our
website.  Personally identifiable information, like an e-mail address, is used primarily for the
purpose of administering and executing existing information for processing Art On Call Artists,
Youth Galleries 17 and 12, sales of products, procurement, bill to and delivery mail to address.

Print this page by going to your "File" menu above, select "Print Preview" & if applicable select
"Shrink to Fit", (for 1 page fax) select "Print" or Printer's icon.  Review and sign your name at the bottom of the form
fax to Art On Call at 1-866-527-8478 or 1-714-991-0505.  When Art On Call receives and processes your
consent form, you will be assigned a site address on the Art On Call web in which to locate and view
his/her art.  We will then publish your child's artwork or project submitted to us via email or your files on CD and
mail to post office address .   Please note 1 (one) consent form per child.  We welcome your phone calls, we are
parents as well and your concerns are also our concerns.  Our toll-free number is 1-866-527-8478.

I,______________________________________________, hereby certify that I am the

parent _____________  ,
or, lawful guardian_____________ of ___________________________________________.

Art On Call Artists site address will be___

I understand and agree than when my child or child I am in guardianship with publishes/submits artwork and is a
participant or member of Art On Call to use its services, for portfolios or participate in its surveys, juried
contests, Art On Call, or its authorized agents, may collect and maintain certain personal information about my child,
to include the following:

  • First and last name (if preferred *Artists site address name may contain initial(s) of his/her first name)
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Parent or guardians Email address or contact information submitted by parent or guardian
  • Telephone number

I also understand and agree in addition to the information described above, that if my child submits artworks  for  juried  contests, Art on
Call, or its authorized agents, may collect my child's shipping address to the attention of the parent or guardian if a prize is to be awarded to
the winner.

I further understand and agree that the above-described information will not be disclosed to third parties unless
Art On Call has a good faith belief that it is with out doubt necessary to comply with the law or to protect the
interests of Art On Call, or I Am One Face or others in relation to Art On Call and its subsidiaries; except that such information may be
provided to authorized third parties for the purposes of providing the services available on Art On Call's site or awarding of prizes.

With regards to any fees or purchases it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to maintain a current and satisfactory account with Art
On Call.

Any discrepancies  with materials that have been submitted will be under review for authenticity.  Valid and original artwork will establish
a relationship between Art On Call and the Art On Call Artist on Youth Gallery 12 and Youth Gallery 17.

I have read and reviewed the above and Art On Call's Privacy Policy and I give my permission for Art On Call to collect, use and disclose
personal information about my child in accordance with the terms stated therein.

X______________________________________________            _________________________
Parent's signature or lawful guardian                                              Date
Please initial
Name of person under 18 years of age
Please initial
*First and last name of person under 18 years of age
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